Sophisticated Side Ponytail

I like it when you say you got a gun in your bag
That’s so hot
That’s so hot

I like it when you say you’re gonna kill JT
Turns me on
Turns me on

I like it when you say you’re gonna beat kids up
Gets me off
Gets me off

I like it when you say you’d go gay for Ben
That’s so bomb
That’s so bomb

Do you like my ponytail?
(I do! I do!)
My sideways ponytail?
(It’s true! It’s true!)

Do you wanna see Shamu with me?
(Yes I do! I love Shamu!)
Do you wanna go to the oyster fest?
(Yes, oh, yes! That’s the best!)
Do you wanna go on the tilt-a-whirl?
(C’mon girl, ‘til you hurl)

I can be the captain of your submarine
(That's my dream 'cause we're a team)
I could be the subject of your neck tattoo
(Just for you, it's overdue)
We could burn our bags when we graduate
(That'd be great. It's a date!)
You know, you don't have to answer everything I say...