Me + Yr Daughter

Suckaz wanna roll tryin' to get that gold
But they never gonna get your daughter that way
Brothaz like me know to be squeaky clean
play it cool for the parents

I picked her up in my Trans Am Baby
We hit the night like a slap in the face

Me and your daughter
Never been hotter
Rockin’ this party

Me and your daughter
Touchin’ my body
she is so lovely

Me and your daughter
Hotter and hotter
Suspended in sweet, sweet summer love
It’s the kind of thing
You don’t want to end
So don’t make us go home ever again!

Take a chance on me, she'll be my dancing queen
and she'll always be home by midnight
But before that time we're gonna get out of line
Play it cool in the basement

She read my mind, there’s no time to waste
There’s nothing wrong with a little bump and grind

I need her love and it’s legit
You must admit that we just fit